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A Website For A Global Leader In Alternative Investment Consulting

Swiss Oriental Partners is a premier alternative investment consulting firm based in Switzerland. The company provides expert advice on real estate, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and alternative investments to a global clientele. With advisory deals in the tens of millions of USD, Swiss Oriental Partners is a trusted partner for investors looking to grow their portfolios.

A Corporate Website Built from the Ground Up

The website for Swiss Oriental Partners was built from scratch to meet the company’s specific needs and goals. The company provided the logo, color scheme, and content for the website, and we were responsible for the design and functionality. Our goal was to create a website that was easy to navigate, visually impactful, and reflected the company’s roots in Switzerland.

Easy Navigation and Visual Impact

We designed the website for easy navigation, with a focus on visual impact. A video was inserted on the landing page that matches the stag logo of Swiss Oriental Partners. We also provided all the banner photos, depicting the stunning landscapes of Switzerland, to tie the company to its roots.

Global Reach with Translation and Privacy Features

Since the target audience for Swiss Oriental Partners is global, we installed a translation module that allows visitors to toggle between English, French, German, Chinese, and Russian. We also installed a GDPR consent cookie to ensure compliance with European privacy regulations.

Serious About Security

At, we take security seriously. To protect the website, we have in place two separate backup solutions, as well as anti-virus and firewall software. We continuously scan for malware and keep the site up to date to ensure that it is secure and protected.

We continue to strive for excellence in our pursuit of innovative, growth-oriented, value-driven and volatility averse management.

Fast and Responsive Website Design

Our goal is to achieve a high PageSpeed score on Google, and for Swiss Oriental Partners’ website, we achieved a performance score of 94 on mobile! Despite the video on the landing page, we optimized the website for fast loading, using the right design, plugins, settings, and hosting to ensure the best possible experience for visitors. The website is also a responsive design, ensuring that it fits any mobile device.

Website PageSpeed Performance

We Provide A Complete WordPress Solution

We conceptualised the design and provide WordPress hosting. Starting with a consultation to determine the specific requirements, our team will design and build a custom WordPress website to reflect the brand and business objectives. Our team also manages the website to ensure it runs smoothly. Additionally, we are at hand for any updates, changes, or support that our customers may need. With our backup and management services, we monitor all websites for any issues and take care of security, backing up and optimization. We are certainly committed to providing ongoing support to ensure that all websites continues to meet business needs and remains competitive in the digital space.


In conclusion, Swiss Oriental Partners’ corporate website is a testament to our commitment to excellence in design, functionality, and security. With a focus on global reach, privacy, and performance, this website is a true reflection of the company’s expertise and dedication to serving its clients. If you are in need of a corporate website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you set one up!

“You are creative, authentic, original, and very helpful.”

At the very outset, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely work that you have done for me. You are creative, authentic, original, and very helpful. 

Thank you again.
Sidharth Raj
CEO of Swiss Oriental Partners

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