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Embrace A Better Life With Naturopathy And Hypnotherapy

Alternative medicine has become increasingly popular as people seek natural remedies and a more holistic approach to healthcare. Isabelle Corchia is a certified alternative medicine practitioner who offers naturopathy and hypnotherapy as part of her holistic approach to healing. Her website, ICNH (based on the acronym of her name and services offered), was created to showcase her services and provide information about the benefits of naturopathy and hypnotherapy.

Creating a Calming Website

ICNH’s website was designed to be calming, holistic and in line with the services offered. The colours green and gold were chosen to represent nature and the human mind, respectively. The logo uses both colours in the form of a circle, signifying the holistic approach to treatment. The website’s visual elements, such as banner images and icons, were either green or plant-based, creating harmony across the website.

ICNH Website Pages

The main landing page of the ICNH website provides visitors with the three most important pieces of information: what services are offered, who is providing these services, and how to contact them. The website also serves to educate visitors about the benefits of naturopathy and hypnotherapy. There are pages with a FAQ section in accordion format, which compresses and expands when triggered, providing visual clarity when presenting information.

FAQ Section

The “about me” page on the ICNH website provides detailed information about Isabelle and her qualifications as an alternative medicine practitioner. It’s important for visitors to have an understanding of the practitioner’s background and qualifications to establish trust and credibility.

naturopathy hypnotherapy website
FAQ section

Special Features of the Website

ICNH operates in Geneva, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. To appeal to the audience in this area, the website was translated into French and English, with a convenient toggle at the bottom of the website to switch languages.

Translation toggle

Another special feature of the ICNH website is the chat function, which connects visitors to Isabelle’s WhatsApp. This makes it easy for visitors to ask questions and get in touch with Isabelle directly.

The Benefits of Naturopathy and Hypnotherapy

Naturopathy is a preventive medicine that uses natural means to restore one’s health. This includes techniques like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary changes. Naturopathy focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself, and works to identify and remove the underlying cause of illness.

Hypnotherapy is a preventive or curative therapy that uses your consciousness to improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Hypnotherapy can be used to help people overcome anxiety, phobias, and addictions, among other things. It can also be used to improve sleep and reduce stress.

Holistic Healing: A Comprehensive Approach

The holistic approach to healing recognizes that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected, and that treating only the physical symptoms of an illness is not enough. By addressing the underlying causes of an illness, the body’s natural healing processes can be activated.

Naturopathy and hypnotherapy are two complementary therapies that can work together to achieve holistic healing. Naturopathy can address the physical symptoms of an illness, while hypnotherapy can help with the emotional and mental aspects of the condition. By using a combination of these therapies, patients can achieve a more comprehensive approach to healing.


ICNH’s website is an excellent example of a holistic approach to healthcare. By combining nature and the human mind in the website’s design, and offering information about the benefits of naturopathy and hypnotherapy, visitors can get a sense of the practitioner’s philosophy and approach to healing. The website’s special features, like the FAQ section, chat function and language toggle, make it easy for visitors to get in touch with Isabelle and learn more about her services.

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